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Insurance claims can be stressful, confusing, and time-intensive. Especially for the average homeowner, it can be a lot to handle and often ends in disappointment. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed with making a hail damage roof insurance claim or another claim with an insurance company, don’t worry; you aren’t the only one.

There’s good news. You don’t need to undertake this on your own. Here at Metro Hail, we are professionals in hail damage and dealing with your insurance provider to get the most out of your insurance claim. So take the stress off your shoulders and leave it with us. But first, let’s jump into some of the basic information when it comes to roofing insurance and what you need to know about your hail damaged roof.

Roof damage that has had claims handled with Metro Hail
Roof damage repair that had claims handled by Metro Hail

What exactly is the role of claims handling?

Put simply, as the name suggests, we can handle your claim. By working with us, you can present your insurance provider with a detailed and thorough claim. An insurance company usually has set requirements needed in order to approve funds for roof repairs following a weather event like a hail storm. We submit all of the information needed for a successful hail damage claim, on your behalf. The process begins with a comprehensive roof damage assessment conducted by one of our experts, and concludes with a skilled repair technician working on your roof, guaranteeing a seamless and successful repair experience.

Can a hail damaged roof be repaired?

If your roof is currently affected by hail damage following a hail storm, there is likely one question on your mind; “can roof repairs really fix this?”. Severe weather events can leave your home and roof in a tragic condition, made worse by additional storm damage or tree damage.

Roof repairs can be undertaken to get your roof back into shape. The type of repair will depend on the severity of the hail damage. Hail damage claims and repairs will differ from denting metal roofs to cracking roof tiles or damaging skylights or solar systems. In the case of a severe storm with high winds, there could also be more severe damage to gutters and other roof parts that could need replacement rather than repairs.

In some cases, if the structural integrity of the roof or home is impacted, it may be most cost-effective in both labour time and roofing material to opt for a brand new roof, especially if your insurance coverage involves high insurance premiums. This is why it’s important to have a professional take a look at your hail damage and conduct a damage report; this will help to understand what the most cost-effective next step is for both you and your insurance company.

As we are a one-stop-shop for all things roof hail damage, we can both book the assessment to assess hail damage, organise the hail damage claims requirements with your insurance company and, organise and conduct the repairs. All you have to do is get in touch with our friendly team and let go of the stress of roof hail damage, we’ve got you.

Roof damage that has had claims handled with Metro Hail
Roof damage repair that had claims handled by Metro Hail

Leave your insurance claim with us. We handle the process on your behalf.

The process starts with your free roof inspection. We’ll have an experienced building professional come out and assess the damage to your roof. If we have identified hail damage, we’ll handle your roofing insurance and claim from the very beginning and through to the end when we repair your roof

We have extensive experience in the handling of insurance claims, offering a higher success rate and a faster approval process. With years of experience handling roofing insurance, working with insurance companies and becoming very familiar with insurance policy, not much surprises us. So, you can think of us as your representative throughout the process.

Metro Hail is the team speeding up the claim process

With extensive experience in insurance claims handling, we’ve developed the very best processes in reporting and communication to expedite the process. Not only do we achieve higher approval rates, but we do it faster, too. Nobody wants to be waiting around forever for an insurance claim to be approved, so we make sure that your roof is fixed sooner. Don’t suffer the consequences of recent hail storms for months.  Instead, let us expedite your insurance policy claim process swiftly, allowing us, as a licensed builder, to restore your home to its original condition without delay.

South East Queensland roof repaired by Metro Hail
Roof repaired by the Metro Hail team in South East Queensland

Making insurance claims simple.

Above all, our free claims handling process makes it all simple and stress-free for you. The process of acquiring all the necessary documentation, compiling reports, liaising with insurance assessors and customer service personnel, and generally navigating the process can be really stressful. Leave it with us instead.

Why leave your claims handling with Metro Hail?

Higher Approval Rates

We have the clever processes and the right expertise to handle hail damage insurance claims efficiently and effectively. It leads to us achieving higher approval rates for our claims.

Faster Claims Process

Along with our higher approval rates in our insurance claims, our high level of experience ensures a smooth and simple process and a faster turnaround on your claim.

Up to $1k excess relief

Our claims handling process is about relieving you of all that stress during this time. So, as well as handling the claim, we’ll offer you up to $1,000 of excess relief.

We get your claim across the line

We’re committed to getting your insurance claim across the line. Depending on the extent of your roof’s damage, we may even attend your insurance assessor’s site visit.

Have a question?

Why should I choose Metro Hail instead of handling this myself?

At no extra cost to you, you have an entire team on your side. We fight for an inclusive scope (to ensure everything damaged is included), push to get upgrades for your property and expedite the process. It saves you time and stress and means you’ll get a better result on your roof restoration.

How do you make money if it’s free?

We make our money by completing the repairs on your property; your insurance company funds this.

Does this affect my premiums?

We have not experienced a case where an individual client’s premiums have increased after making a claim. However, premiums in certain areas may be raised collectively when struck by a hailstorm.

How long will it take?

The claims process can extend from a few weeks to a few months, depending on your insurance company and their turnaround. The repairs take a few days to 2 weeks.

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